Tax deductions 2021

Window frames tax deduction 2021

The Ecobonus, the tax deduction for energy efficiency in existing buildings, has been extended to 31 December 2021, as has the Home Bonus, the tax deduction for building renovation. Both benefits are interesting in case of replacement of old windows with new, more performing windows. 

In both cases, the tax deductions for windows and doors covers expenses incurred from 1 January to 31 December 2021. For both Ecobonus and Home Bonus, the 65% deduction has now changed to 50% of the expense incurred, which will be paid back to the beneficiary over 10 years, in 10 annual installments. For example, on a total expenditure of €6,000 you will receive back €3,000, divided into 10 annual installments of €300.

The main difference between Bonus Casa and Ecobonus is the audience of beneficiaries: Bonus Casa is an Irpef deduction that affects only individuals and residential buildings; Ecobonus, on the other hand, is a deduction both Irpef (in case of a natural person) and Ires (in case of a legal person), so it also involves companies and any category of building. 

Another difference concerns the maximum expenditure allowed and the consequent maximum deductions: €60,000 maximum deduction with the Ecobonus (for a maximum expenditure amount of €120,000), €48,000 maximum deduction (maximum expenditure amount of €96,000) with the Bonus Casa.

Replacing windows and doors deduction 50 or 65? The right time to make your choice

The right time to replace windows and doors is now. In fact, for the past several years, our government has been environmentally and sustainability conscious, helping citizens improve the energy efficiency of their homes through appropriate tax breaks. Over time, the 65% deduction has changed to the current 50% and, presumably, will return to the regular 36% in the coming years. Last year, moreover, the Ecobonus provided for the possibility of ceding the tax credit corresponding to the due share of the deduction to the suppliers of the windows and doors, thus having an immediate discount on the invoice, but for 2021 this possibility has been eliminated. Since the advantages seem to diminish over time, it is better not to postpone the choice and ask for a free estimate today for the replacement of old windows and doors and take advantage of the tax deduction for windows and doors 2021.

The savings resulting from the replacement of windows and doors come not only from tax deductions, but also - and above all - from the improvement of the energy efficiency of our homes and the consequent reduction of the costs of heating and cooling our environments. Replacing our old windows and doors also means strengthening the commercial value of our properties, as well as their aesthetic beauty.


The Ecobonus is applicable to all interventions that allow you to save on the cost of bills, so even the replacement of old windows with new ones with better performance or the installation of sunscreens that improve the energy efficiency of pre-existing windows. For these interventions the maximum deductible expenditure is set at € 60,000 per property unit. 

Not all windows and doors are eligible for the tax deduction, but they must meet certain requirements and be accompanied by a performance certificate issued by the supplier. The performance must be within the legal limits in terms of thermal transmittance values, regardless of the material used. 

The window and doorframes concerned by the tax deduction are windows, French windows and security doors (if they protect a heated room). As far as sunscreens are concerned, on the other hand, this includes not only awnings, but also shutters and blinds installed at the same time as the window frames.

Home Bonus

The Bonus Casa consists in the deduction of 50% of expenses incurred for renovation work, ordinary and extraordinary. The Revenue Agency has set at 96,000 euros the maximum amount of expenditure eligible for the benefit for 2021 for each individual unit. The individual building interventions carried out do not have an independent spending limit, but fall within the limit provided for the housing unit.

In the specific case of windows and doors, this deduction concerns the reduction of the thermal transmittance of windows and doors, including frames, that delimit heated rooms from the outside and cold rooms. The frames that can be replaced are those that do not meet the levels of energy performance and thermal insulation required by the Decree of 11 March 2008.

The renovation bonus does not include the purchase and installation of solar screens: in that case you have to opt for the Ecobonus.

Documents required for tax deductions fixtures 2021

The procedures for requesting tax deductions are now consolidated, but it is good to pay attention to avoid making mistakes. First of all, it should be remembered that the body that deals with the deductions is ENEA, the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.  

In order to take advantage of the deductions for the year 2021 it is necessary to fill in a form on the ENEA website within 90 days from the date of the end of the energy requalification works. In addition to personal data and those of the property concerned, the performance data of old and new windows and doors are required. It is therefore important to carefully keep all the documents relating to the energy requalification: the supplier's invoice, the bank transfers of the payments made to cover the expenditure and the performance certification of the new windows and doors. Moreover, the bank transfer must be "talking": that is, it must contain the reason for the payment, the tax code of the beneficiary of the deduction and the VAT number of the supplier.

Take advantage of the 2021 tax deductions for your new windows and doors, make an eco-sustainable choice, increase the energy efficiency of your home for a cleaner world.