Raise the security of your home with Oikos Doors

Oikos armored doors represent excellence in the sector of security and design. Subdivided into six categories:

Each model embodies an extraordinary balance between technological innovation and refined aesthetics.

Below we will explore the characteristics of each line in detail:

Exploring the Impeccable Design of Oikos Porte Blindate

Synua: When Security Takes Large Dimensions

Synua is the impressive armoured door, functioning through a sophisticated vertical pivot mechanism integrated harmoniously and coplanar with the wall thanks to two concealed adjustable pins.

This door guarantees an RC3 security level

Oikos porte blindate Synua

Ledefine this Synua armored door, reaching up to a width of 3000 mm and a height of 6200 mm, meeting the highest standards of spaciousness. The design of Synua stands out for its unique customization feature. In fact, upon request, there is the possibility of requesting larger dimensions, making this door a tailor-made solution for every need.

Likewise the door is covered with distinctive sectors or panels, which ones offer he freedom to shape the door design according to your preferences of the customer, introducing an exclusive and personal touch to the surrounding environment.

Nova: the fully glazed armoured door within the Oikos door collection

Nova is a armoured pivot door with glass, ideal for creating entrances of different sizes and characterized by a high level of RC3 class security.

This category, in particular, provides not only architectural flexibility but also certified and robust security.

Oikos porte blindate Tekno

The Nova door stands out for its ability to create entrances of any size, with extendable dimensions up to 3200×6200 mm and customizations on request

Thanks to its unique construction nature, the renewed pivoting opening mechanism and therobust steel load-bearing structure Nova offers the possibility of creating oversized fully glazed entrances , combining elegance and safety in a single solution.

Tekno: The innovation of concealed hinges

A cutting-edge armored door combines innovative technology and resistance to fire, ensuring a RC3 class security.

Oikos porte blindate Tekno

The dimensions reach up to 1300 x 3000 mm for the single door and 1900 x 3000 mm for the double one,

The door stands out not only for its large dimensions but also for a sophisticated design. The aluminum profiles, the absence of visible screws and the concealed hinges give Tekno an elegant and modern appearance.

Project: Extreme Internal Security with Panic Room Doors

Project embodies an advanced solution for internal security, elegantly combining design and functionality, with certified RC3 class security.

Oikos porte blindate Project

In addition to the notable anti-burglary, acoustic and fire resistance performances, Project offers a non-invasive approach suitable for use as a panic-room door, ensuring tranquility without compromising the style of the environment.

The door has no obvious aesthetic differences compared to a normal internal door, it manages to be discreet in its appearance but at the same time very safe.

It offers flush-to-the-wall or coplanar solutions, transforming common spaces into safety rooms or panic rooms. It is also characterized by a completely invisible hinge when the door remains closed.

Oikos Armored Door Evolution: Personalize your security with style

Evolution is a fully customizable and adaptable armored door, characterized by visible hinges.

This armored door guarantees a security level of class Rc3 or Rc4, on request.

The Oikos door is available in various versions, including single arched door, double door, with rectangular or arched fanlight. Alternatively, it is offered in single or double light side versions. All these shapes and solutions can be created with the pull opening.

Vela: The sliding of the Oikos armored doors

Vela is a sliding armored door that exploits the perfect coplanarity of Oikos doors to create walls with a shared aesthetic concept. The sliding solution guarantees a high level of safety with RC3 certification.

Oikos porte blindate Vela

The door is composed of modular sections with different materials. A wall door that combines the scenic-aesthetic effect with safety, elegance and protection.

Unparalleled Security in Armored Doors: Oikos

  • Synua: equipped with RC3 safety class.
  • Nova: equipped with class of security RC3.
  • Tekno: equipped with RC3 security class.
  • Project: equipped with RC3 security class.
  • Evolution: equipped with security class RC3, on request RC4.
  • Vela: equipped with safety class RC3

Beyond Security: The Thermal Performance of Oikos Armored Doors

  • Synua: Transmittance: standard 1.6 on request 1.3-1.0. Among the optional features, the version with frame and door thermal break further improves the thermal insulation of the structure, ensuring optimal comfort within the spaces.
  • Nova: Transmittance: of series 1. Equipped of frame and door with thermal break, ensures excellent insulation. It exponentially increases the thermal insulation performance of the door while maintaining the security features and anti-burglary values ​​unchanged.
  • Tekno: Transmittance: standard 1.6, on request 1.3-1.0. This door ensureshigh thermal insulation and robust fire resistance of level EI 90 or EI 120.
  • Evolution: Transmittance: standard 1.8, 1.6- 1.2-1.0 on request. Thanks to the Evolution 3TT option it becomes the first armored door with a thermal break frame for a cutting-edge home.
  • Project: Transmittance: standard 1.8, on demand

The Sound of Tranquility Thanks to Oikos Armored Doors

  • Synua: Sound insulation of 38 DB as standard
  • Nova: Sound insulation of 38 DB as standard
  • Tekno: Sound insulation of43 DB as standard
  • Evolution: Sound insulation of 40 DB as standard on request 45 DB
  • Project: Sound insulation of 36 DB as standard, 40 DB on request

Electronic Opening and Integrated Security: Discover the Oikos Arckey System

The access control system integrated to the Oikos security doors is managed through the Oikos Tech App, allowing electronic opening and a series of advanced features. The Arckey app, available for free on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), offers remote management with remote button opening and user control. The system includes various options for access: the use of the Oikos Card, the touch screen keyboard for the entry of a code, thefingerprint reader, guaranteeing minimal opening and without the use of keys or magnetic cards.

Sistema Arckey smartphone app oikos porte blindate
Sistema Archey card oikos sistema porte blindate
Sistema Archey touch screen oikos sistema porte blindate
Sistema Archey lettore impronte digitali oikos sistema porte blindate

Oikos Armored Doors: A Deal of Security and Design

Oikos Armored Doors presents a varied selection of categories designed to meet every specific need, adapting harmoniously to any living or building context. The brand's core commitment is ensure the maximum level of security, without neglecting an innovative and captivating design.Aluser consultants are available to advise you on the bestentrance architectures strong> suited to your safety and design needs

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