Aluminium External venetian blind with Manual Rope Movement and Orientation

Venetian Blinds

Le blinds are a classic of Made in Italy. Aluser proposes a renewed range e cutting edgewith technological blinds that are increasingly in demand on the market.

Curtains that allow you to dampen the intensity of the sun and heat and to contain energy consumption related to the cooling of the rooms, in full respect of the environment.

Our tents

  • Venetian blind all metal: without visible connections between the slats.
  • Venetian blind metal package: High-strength steel rope connections.
  • Venetian blind package: composite structure attached directly to the orientation strips.
  • Venetian blind with flat blades: the slats are attached to the orientation strips.
  • Venetian blind with concave blades: Traditional blinds with slats attached to the handling belts.

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