Italian Doors for Luxury Interiors

We install a wide selection of Design Interior Doors with very different characteristics and styles, ensuring that we always offer our customers the best interior door solution. Innovative design and top quality materials make these doors truly furnishing elements, impeccable in their aesthetics and quality.

Let's discover together the different types of opening and the most precious finishes that characterise our doors.

Opening Types for Luxury Interior Doors

Types of Door Opening

Aluser has a wide range of opening types for internal doors. For each customer's need, Aluser responds effectively with an ideal and customized solution, thanks to the support of the technical department in all phases of design.

Making the right choice of opening system for your doors is the most important aspect of a successful home project. Overall dimensions, opening direction, transparency and finish are other crucial aspects that should not be underestimated. Let's take a look at the three main categories of internal door openings.

Swing Doors

The most traditional and widespread on the market is the swing door.

Made up of one or more panels that are fixed laterally to the frame, on which they rotate thanks to hinges, which may be in view or hidden. Traditionally, it is made of solid wood with a pantograph.

We install doors that are both classic and modern in style, that can enhance the surroundings or blend in with a low wall effect.

Sliding Doors

The sliding opening system eliminates the clutter of a typical hinged door.

If you have a large room that connects, for example, the living room with the kitchen, but would like to occasionally divide these two spaces, you could consider a solution of sliding doors with two doors. This possibility allows you to hide smells and noise but maintains a lively dialogue between the two rooms.

The small volume of the sliding door can also be useful in conditions of limited space such as closets or corridors.

Pivot Doors

Aluser also offers architectural solutions such as the swing door.

This opening system is not very common, but it is characterised by a great scenic impact, thanks to the absence of jambs and the hinge integrated in the profile of the door frame.

Pivot doors integrate gently into the architectural structure. They consist of a pivot pin that can be central in the case of large openings, or lateral for openings of regular width.

Boiserie-effect italian interior doors with Aluser Milano

Luxury Interior Doors with Boiserie-effect

A decoration that never goes out of fashion, cladding panels for vertical surfaces, also called Boiserie, are extended over the surface of doors for an effect of architectural continuity. Aluser offers a range of possibilities which can be more traditional or more innovative depending on the taste of each customer.

A characterisation of the door that gives volume and creates a play of light and shade in the room. The Boiserie interior doors can be customised and integrated with the walls of the house for a concealed effect.

Total Wood

Porte Interne ad effetto Boiserie Total Legno con Aluser Design Milano

Classic Style

Porte Interne ad effetto Boiserie Classic Style con Aluser Design Milano

Relief Effect

Porte Interne ad effetto Boiserie a Rilievo con Aluser Design Milano


Porte Interne ad effetto Boiserie Ying con Aluser Design Milano
Finiture di ogni tipo per Porte Interne con Aluser Design Milano

Finishes for every Taste

As we have seen, Aluser offers various models of italian interior doors to match all styles. Such as wooden doors for classic and modern living contexts or luxury interior doors in glass for trendy solutions.

A careful choice of door finish can determine the final aesthetics of a home, totally changing the perception of the spaces. Here are some of the most interesting proposals in terms of refinement.

Screened Glass

Finiture di ogni tipo per Porte Interne con Aluser Design Milano

Coloured Glass

Finiture di ogni tipo per Porte Interne con Aluser Design Milano


Finiture di ogni tipo per Porte Interne con Aluser Design Milano

Aluminium Strips

Finiture di ogni tipo per Porte Interne con Aluser Design Milano

Office Solutions: Luxury Interior Doors and Partitions

Thanks to their great flexibility, partition walls are the perfect choice for designing elegant and comfortable offices.

We have a wide range of solutions for your office or private studio. For all your needs, Aluser is able to respond with a tailor-made project. If, for example, you are renovating your offices and want a more sophisticated design, double leaf sliding glass doors with special blackout finishes can be an effective solution to divide the space and have optimal acoustic comfort between the various work rooms or meeting rooms.

Our Partners

Aluser has always offered to its customers the best brands in the window and door sector, choosing brands that espouse a philosophy that is attentive to both the design and the quality of the systems. Aluser works with ADL, Lualdi, Bertolotto, Oikos and many others.

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