Mosquito screens made to measure

Since 1983 Aluser has been installing custom-made mosquito nets of various types, from those pleated to those at vertical sliding spring windingideal for doors and windows of various sizes, up to the most particular solutions designed especially for special needs.

Mosquito nets are the perfect shelter against mosquitoes, flies and insects of all kinds. Indispensable in rural homes, they are also increasingly popular in urban centres due to their effectiveness and convenience.

Custom Insect Protection

There is also a hardboards, with fixed or sliding screen, chosen by those who use them for the ventilation of rooms or for large compartments, and the version casement specially designed for verandas and patio doors.

The most technological version is represented by the motorized mosquito screens. Movement system by winch or motor. These models can also be used as blinds.

Colours, nets and profiles are fully customizable.

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