Aluminium Verandas

Aluminium verandas allow you to take la brightness and the colors of landscape at homeThey are a space flooded with light that lets you savour the beauty of every season. Whether in the context of a detached house or an apartment, designer verandas enhance the charm of the building and expand the living spaces. 

Verandas can be configured as a extension from home at gardens e terracesor you can make them from the closure by balconies e porches. In both cases the verandas add square footage to the house and increase its commercial value, as well as being a real oasis of peace.

aluminium verandas produced and installed by aluser for a modern design home in milan

Aluser: Quality Design and Installation

A veranda, to be fully liveable, must be made with materials perfect quality and must be installed e cutlery as effectively as possible care. For this reason it is necessary to rely on experts: the technical office of Aluser is able to guarantee you the best proposals architectural designer that, with a careful eye to the quality of the materials, know how to combine the latest trends with theefficiencyto create a product intended for endure. In fact, a poorly done installation can wipe out the investment made in buying a veranda: Aluser guarantees a masterful poseas a result of theexperience of more than 30 years of activity. When it comes to verandas, you must also be familiar with the regulations which regulate their construction, another reason to rely on experts who can provide the best advice in the industry. Contact Aluser and start dreaming about your aluminum porch.

Characteristics of Aluminium Verandas

The veranda is a very exposed at weatheringsso it must be made from materials strong at wind, atwaterto the hail and the sun. Aluminum is the best material for the realization of the structure of the veranda because it is lighteasy to work and is very strong. It is also durable and it's maintenance-free.


aluminium verandas manufactured and installed by aluser to cover a dining room in contact with the garden


schuco aluminium awning produced and designed by aluser

Moreover, the thermal break aluminium guarantees a high high isolation and avoid the formation of condensationThis is a fundamental element as the veranda is an extension of the house and its energy performance must be the same as the other fixtures in the house. A feature that can not be overlooked in a veranda is the securityThanks to systems anti-effraction and to the choice of glass better, the veranda becomes a safe environment where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the landscape in serenity.

Energy Efficiency

Design verandas to cover the roof opening of a modern house


high security aluminium verandas with shatterproof glass

Customization of Aluminium Verandas

Flexible design

The veranda systems offered by Aluser are highly customizable in every detail, such as Schüco CMC 50This is a modular system that allows for the creation of different plan forms, from simple sloping roofs to polygonal pavilion models. In this system, moreover, customers can choose between three various systems by opening as sliding, tilt-and-turn or folding doors.

schuco design verandas with self-cleaning glass produced by aluser

Glass for Design Verandas

A further personalization is given by the choice of the glass. Aluser proposes shatterproof glass to give the highest level of security to your own aluminum awning.

In addition to this type of glass, there are other types of safety glass with different characteristics to be chosen according to requirements: glass self-cleaningideal for roofing as it is covered with a layer of material that, when exposed to the sun, melts the dirt that will then be rinsed off by the rain; glass soundproofwhich increases thesoundproofing; glass low-emissivewhich retains the heat present inside, ideal for verandas that are an extension of the house. 

Colors and Accessories

In addition to the technical aspects of the structure, Aluser provides to define, together with the customer, the colors of the veranda: aluminium can be anodized o painted in a wide range of RAL colours

Last but not least, the verandas can be equipped with various accessories for the ventilation and air exchange, as well as curtains blackout that guarantee privacy and filter i rays solar.

design veranda designed by aluser's technical office for a luxury home in milan

Schuco: Design awnings

Aluser has chosen modular conservatory systems from Schuco. Schuco's tried and tested expertise offers conservatories with a timeless design that blends harmoniously into any building. Every Schuco awning is designed according to the customer's wishes: from a garden d’winter with a simple single-pitch roof, to the elegant polygonal style of the pavilionthe combinations are endless. La plant, the size of the veranda and the slope of the roof is adjustable to meet every design requirement. 

The wide range by colors and the various accessories for the ventilation, l’lighting and theshading allow the creation of highly customized verandas. 

The proven experience technique by Schuco is able to guarantee very high performance solutions, for a saving energy effective e insulation acoustic.

Our Realizations of Aluminium Verandas

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Private residences

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