Schüco glazing

Schüco glazing, such as the Schüco Panoramic Sliding System, is the ideal solution for those who want to enjoy the view outside: the lightness of aluminum makes it possible to create sliding systems of numerous sizes. Sliding systems are veritable windows on the world, flooding interiors with light.

schuco glazing with minimum section for a seaside villa

The design The unmistakable Schüco frame and doors can be completely concealed, which makes for an unmistakable effect clean and elegant

The sliding systems are also extremely functional: opening and closing is quick and convenient at the touch of a button via the mechatronics handling or with comfortable handles by means of the easy manual handling system. I systems by security integrable make these frames an excellent choice to protect your family from possible intrusions.

This is the ideal solution for those who want to delete every barrier architectural because the threshold is at flush and therefore does not constitute a stumbling block, ideal for small children and prams.

Schüco: Panoramic Slides


The lifting sliding system Schüco ASE 60 combines functionality with beauty: it has, in fact, excellent values of thermal insulation, but also extremely thin profiles, which make it clean and elegant even when open.

La resistance burglary is guaranteed up to the level RC 2. The possibility of inserting systems Schüco SmartStop e Schüco SmartClose ensure the maximum ease Schüco glazing can be used both when opening and closing. The different types of opening can be adapted to meet every design requirement.


If you want to fully enjoy the surrounding panorama, the Schüco panoramic sliding door system ASE 67 PD is just right for you. The perimeter frame, in fact, can be concealed by integrating it into the walls of the building. The sash profiles are slender and concealed, further ensuring transparency and brightness, for a minimalist frame that creates a continuum between inside and outside. Easy access is ensured by the "0 Level" flat threshold.  

This Schüco glazing system also supports ante very great (up to 3200×3000 mm) with a weight important (up to 400 kg).


The aluminum system Schüco ASE 51 PD combines practicality of use with the aesthetic qualities of a refined design. These minimal features not only facilitate the entry of light to create visual continuity between the interior and exterior, but also reduce installation times by reducing the number of components, which does not affect the excellent insulating performance of the window.

This panoramic system makes it possible to create large sliding windows (sash size up to 3500X2750 mm and weight up to 400 kg) with maximum transparency, thanks also to a slim central pillar of only 32 mm.

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