Thermal break aluminium windows and doors

Aluminium windows and doors are particularly appreciated for their lightness, strength, versatility and excellent durability. Aluser works with the best systems in the sector, offering the market high quality aluminium windows such as Schüco, AluK

The aluminium frames we offer combine aesthetic and functional qualities: an attractive design that is highly customisable and adaptable to any furnishing style is combined with high performance, which guarantees thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as a high standard of safety for your home. 

Aluminium windows and doors in a modern residence

The versatility of aluminium windows and doors makes them suitable for different contexts, both residential and commercial, and they are ideal for windows by impressivealuminium, in fact, combined with thin profiles, allows to create open and bright environments. 

Our consultants can guide you in the choice of the best aluminum frames, then following the process of installation and laying with professionalism and competence.

Aluminium Frames for Design and Architecture

The functionality of aluminium windows and doors is combined with a clean and elegant design. Thanks to its resistance, in fact, aluminium allows to create windows from the minimum sectionwith a design slim yet at the same time robust e stable. Aluminum is also the best material for those who want to have windows of impressive o large windows bright and resistant, to fully enjoy the natural light and the panorama.

Minimum Section

aluminium window and door profile with minimum cross-section for greater room brightness

Large windows

aluminium sliding windows with minimum profile thickness

In aluminium windows you can integrate in the system, some components that are normally visible and weigh down the design of the frames, such as the hinges. Schuco has developed the SimplySmartA system with totally concealed hinges that guarantee the best performance.opening thandoor a 180°. In this way you will obtain a truly clean and refined design. Furthermore, hiding the hinges is not only an aesthetic choice, but also a functional one, as integrating them into the system prevents wear and damage. Hiding the anti-burglar systems is also an aesthetic choice and at the same time a guaranteed security measure.

Concealed Hinges

schuco avantec system for aluminium frames to obtain concealed hinges

Doors opening 180°.

simplysmart system for aluminium windows from schuco that allows for 180 degree opening

Characteristics of Aluminium Frames

detail of aluminium window frames covered with real wood veneer schuco smartwood system


The suppliers of Aluser profiles, besides having a solid experience in the sector, are always looking for innovative solutions, in line with the needs of each customer. An example? Schuco SmartWoodThe great novelty proposed by Schuco: the aluminium windows and doors are covered with veneers by real woodIt combines the reliability of aluminium with the warmth of wood. This solution is ideal for those who wish to create warm and refined atmospheres, combining the colour of the windows and doors with that of the floors or furniture.

Another field of innovation is certainly the security systems. In the pursuit of ever higher standards, our suppliers are constantly working to implement the anti-burglary systems and to ensure the resistance of the windows and doors to the flamesto the bullets and impacts of different kinds. 


Home is the place where we feel safest. That's why a fundamental element in the choice of windows and doors is security, to guarantee your family a protected environment. 

The aluminium armoured doors can be equipped with special features sensors for check gli accessi, via keyboards o recognition thanfingerprint. In addition, door profiles can be integrate microphones e camerasto discreetly keep track of access to the home, thanks to technologies such as Schüco Door Control System. Sensors can be installed in the window profiles to check - also via smartphone in the Schüco TipTronic system - that all the windows in the house are closed and that no one opens them while we are away.

thermal insulation of aluser quality aluminium windows and doors

Energy Saving

Aluminium windows and doors in thermal break are defined as such if they have, between the two aluminium profiles, a insulation which interrupts the dispersion of heat, considerably improving the performance of the frame compared to those made entirely of aluminium itself or steel (which, being a metal, is a "thermal bridge"). This type of window frame is combined with low-emission glass to eliminate any condensation problems. All this guarantees a real thermal insulation and, consequently, a decisive energy saving.

The initial investment required to purchase thermal break aluminium windows and doors is paid back in the long run with savings on heating bills. 

Acoustic Insulation

City dwellers know that it is difficult to relax with traffic noise in the background. Noise pollution affects the serenity of our homes and is always a new challenge. Aluminium windows and doors with thermal break also play an important role in this aspect of life: the insulators and the seals Enter at profiles of the glass contribute to a abatement acoustic remarkable. Essential to have a sound-insulating effect is also the choice of glass. You can opt for asymmetrical double glazing to keep outside noise out of your home, or laminated acoustic glass.

Equipment for Aluminium Windows


When choosing windows and doors, a factor to be taken into account is the ventilationThe high efficiency of aluminium windows and doors makes the house almost "airtight" and hinders the natural recirculation of air. It is for this reason that our partners have developed systems of micro-ventilation studiati per garantire la salubrità dell’aria, prevenire la formazione di muffe e il ristagno di odori, per esempio generati in cucina. Attraverso valvole ad alta tecnologia, l’aria esterna entra nel locale e viene regolata in maniera automatica, senza il rischio di infiltrazioni di pioggia o di insetti. Le speciali guarnizioni isolanti presenti nel profilo impediscono la formazione di condensa all’interno degli ambienti. Questi sistemi sono stati progettati oltre anche per garantire un ottimo isolamento acustico. Schuco has developed a system for controlled natural ventilation, Schuco VentoFrameintegrated directly into the frame of the window.


Aluser's partners have developed technologies of automation applied to the frames to make them extremely performing. The aluminium windows with thermal break can be equipped with particular sensors for the rain and for the windwhich close when necessary, as in the system Schüco TipTronicwhich automatically recognizes outdoor or indoor environmental conditions that require closed windows. You can also install sensors that regulate the degree of humidity of the rooms, guaranteeing healthy air. Also blackout e sunshades aluminium can be automated to always have the perfect level by brightness.

Customizing Aluminum Windows


You can choose from a wide range of profilesparticularly the thinner ones - therefore aesthetically pleasing - but at the same time very strong, the ideal solution to respond to the trend of creating "all-glass" windows, bright and with large windows, to ensure a elegant design e clean.

colour powder for aluminium colouring


The professionals at Aluser will offer you a wide range of colors and finishes for your aluminium windows and doors, which can also be different for the outside and the inside. Often, in fact, strict condominium regulations impose a specific colour for the doors and windows of the façade, but this can be customized by choosing two-colour solutions with different tones for the inside.

Window stops

For the assembly of the frame, you can choose the glazing beads the most suitable for your needs: concave, square, curved or even you can opt for a hidden glazing bead, mounted inside the sash.


To further customise windows and doors, our partners offer a variety of options handles that adapt to every style of living, from the most classic to the modern, as well as being extremely resistant over time.

olivari club handle designed by vico magistretti

Club Handle - Design Vico Magistretti

olivari conca handle designed by patricia urquiola

Handle Conca - Design Patricia Urquiola

olivari blade handle designed by gio ponti

Lama handle - Design Gio Ponti

olivari space handle designed by mendini

Handle Time - Design Alessandro Mendini

Our Partners for your Aluminium windows and doors

Aluser offers a careful selection of the most reliable brands specialised in aluminium windows and doors. All our partners, in addition to having decades of experience in the sector, subject their products to scrupulous checks, to always guarantee the most reliable products. high standards by quality e security of the products.

tax deductions on aluminum windows wood aluser

Detrazioni Fiscali 2024

In addition, this is the best time to change the windows and doors because the ecobonus has been extended, which provides a tax deduction of 50% on the total expenses incurred to replace the windows and doors. Find out more about the 50% window tax deduction.

Aluser's experience at your service

Each Aluser window is unique, designed to customer's specifications, customised in every detail, from the finish to accessories such as security systems. The masterful positioning service at work will guarantee the performance of the new windows and doors, for real energy savings.

Aluser not only takes care ofproduction and installation, but is also available to customers for maintenance or other post-sale requirements.

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