Aluser, from 1983, produces e laying Quality doors and windows in Milan, Italy, Canton Ticino and the world.

The artisan reality of Aluser, characterized by products innovative and of qualityoffers its customers qualified support in the choice and assembly phase and continues to assist them with commitment and professionalism in the after-sales service.

An experience at Aluser can assure each client a team of experienced industry consultants and teams internals by installers qualifiers.

With us every solution is at your fingertips, you just have to find the most suitable type of window and door frames for your home: aluminium, steel, wood, PVC frames and many other hybrid solutions come together to form an endless array of solutions for a customized product at 100%. Shapes, colours and materials can be created to perfectly match the entire decor, creating welcoming and bright design environments.

What material for your quality windows and doors?

Each material available for windows and doors has its own peculiarities and advantages. The choice must take into account both your needs and the style of the house you live in.

profile of quality aluminium windows and doors and frames

Aluminium windows and doors

A choice of quality that is optimal for glazing of great dimensionsaluminium requires little maintenance and is particularly strong to atmospheric agents. It is also a material that guarantees a long duration over time.

Section of Spi windows and doors in White Pvc with Steel Core and double glazing

PVC windows and doors

This material offers a excellent insulation thermal and acoustic at costs definitely contentIt does not require special maintenance over the years and is also very durable.

profile section steel windows and doors dry system marketed by aluser

Steel windows and doors

They offer a product with an exceptional resistance which guarantees a long service life. Thanks to the low footprint of the profiles, these quality window frames are characterized by the brightness offering theinsideand is the ideal choice for lovers of light and design. If until recently steel did not offer good performance as an insulating material, but was chosen mainly for the design of the product, nowadays steel doors and windows are also excellent insulators thanks to new solutions in thermal break.

White Wood windows and doors with linear profile and double glazing

Windows in Wood

They guarantee an excellent insulation either thermal which acousticcreating aatmosphere hot and family. The essences that can be used are numerous to adapt to any type of interior, the most common are: larch, fir, pine, chestnut, oak and laminated wood. Wooden windows and doors are a traditional choice that, however, over time involves a greater request by maintenance compared to the other solutions.

wooden windows and doors section spi marketed by aluser

Aluminium and Wooden windows and doors

The aesthetics of wood and the strength of aluminium can be combined for a modern hybrid solution.

Special Ecobonus and Casabonus

The right time to change your windows and doors

tax deductions on windows and doors to 50%

Take advantage of tax deductions 50% for the replacement of window frames a saving energy. Any operation on the fixtures that will lead to an increase in energy efficiency will be eligible for an ecobonus.

A specialized, cutting-edge company like Aluser can provide you with all the transmittance values you need to qualify for the bonus. Now is the right time to make a change! You just need to choose the right material.

Quality windows and doors for every need

Security Armored Windows and Frames with Shatterproof and Bulletproof Concealed Frame for Building in the Countryside

Armoured doors and windows

Designed for those who need the maximum by security possible, Aluser armoured windows and doors ensure a high level of protection. burglar-proof up to the certification of resistance bulletproof. These doors and windows can be combined with glasses shatterproof creating bright, high light and safe environments.

quality curved windows and doors manufactured by aluser

Curved windows and doors

Aluser also produces curved windows and doors for adapt fixtures to any kind of architecture. Ideal for refurbishment of villas with wide panoramic views, curved windows and doors are distinguished by their style and versatility. In addition to windows and doors with a curved top, the following are also available porthole with fixtures openablemodern solutions adaptable to any renovation.

windows and doors for shops produced and installed by aluser

Fixtures for shops

Ideal for storefronts or the spaces exhibition. The frames for shops are distinguished by their safety, which makes them excellent anti-burglary frames capable of perfectly insulating the environment and ensuring a high level of security. protection advanced against draughts and water infiltration. The windows and doors for shops are specially designed to be as thin as possible and to be able to get the maximum brightness.

automated quality doors and windows for home automation

Automated windows and doors

Aluser offers its customers the latest innovations on windows and doors, making window frames automated with SCHUCO TIP TRONIC technology. This technology involves the electronic control of all quality windows and doors in the house and can be integrated with other systems by home automation.

How to choose your Quality Windows and Fixtures

La choice of quality windows and doors must take into account several factors parameters. The evaluation of suitable windows and doors is in fact essential for the thermal design of buildings. Important energy exchanges between inside and outside take place continuously through windows and doors, which can considerably modify the energy balance of buildings and therefore affect heating and air conditioning costs. 

Evaluation Parameters

In order to choose the windows and doors, you need to take into consideration all of the aspects which characterized every material e system. The most suitable solution will be dictated by an evaluation of theimportance for the customer of each parameter and our consultants can help you with this process. From performance insulators of pvc window framesto the versatility of solutions in wood and aluminium. From heat of wooden fixtures at design wanted from steel windows via the duration e robustness thanaluminium. Read our guide to leave nothing to chance.

Aluser's experience at your service

Each Aluser window is unique, designed to customer's specifications, customised in every detail, from the finish to accessories such as security systems. The masterful positioning service at work will guarantee the performance of the new windows and doors, for real energy savings.

Aluser not only takes care ofproduction and installation, but is also available to customers for maintenance or other post-sale requirements.

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Showroom and production site

Aluser offers you the opportunity to touch the quality of our products and to see some of our creations in our showroom by Vittuone, at the gates of Milan. Inside the showroom, in addition to an exhibition of products, you can find our design officeready to help you to offer customized solutions. In the same area, next to the showroom, is our production site where, for those interested, it is possible to organize a visit that will take them directly to the origin of our production.