Garden Pergolas With Pool For Modern Building With Transparent Cover And Integrated Shading System


I pergolas are the perfect facilities for shelter from the sun and rain with functionality and style.

Widely used in restaurants, in the outdoor areas of public places, in the gardens of houses, pergolas allow you to live the open spaces to the fullest and enjoy the summer. They instil an atmosphere of serenity, light-heartedness and conviviality and are the perfect setting for your moments in company.

The Aluser collection boasts of a plurality of options that ensure every customer can find the right one for them.

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Pratic bioclimatic pergolas

At Aluser you can find Pratic outdoor systems for pergolas and arbors. Pratic bioclimatic pergolas represent the perfect combination of essential design and advanced technology, taking bioclimatic outdoor architecture to a new level.

These pergolas are ideal for making use of outdoor spaces year-round, in both private homes and commercial spaces. Thanks to the special aluminum sunshade blades, light and wind can be easily adjusted, creating natural climatic comfort. They also provide effective protection from rain and snow, ensuring optimal use of outdoor spaces in all weather conditions.

Aluser's experience and expertise, accompanies you in your choice of Pratic systems to ensure flawless results.

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