Alpac thermo-insulating monoblock with integrated VMC

No more centralized systems and cumbersome ducts, but a new idea of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation that "disappears" inside the masonry, integrated in the window unit: the decentralized VMC systems inserted in the Alpac unit are very easy to install, have excellent performance and customizable functions.

In addition, the thermo-insulating monoblock with integrated VMC allows to improve the insulating and energy performance of the building envelope, allowing to constantly ventilate indoor environments, increasing the living comfort and air quality.

Monoblocco Alpac termoisolante con VMC integrata per un ricambio d'aria continuo e automatico

Alpac Monoblock with integrated mechanical ventilation: INGENIUS VMC

INGENIUS VMC is the new line of window monoblocks with Integrated Mechanical Ventilation proposed by Alpac. An innovative solution that integrates perfectly with the window hole closing system, guaranteeing high energy efficiency and continuous air exchange. This solution transforms the closure of the window hole into a key element for the energy wellbeing of the building, technologically advanced and performing, able to promote indoor air quality.

Aimed at improving and simplifying ventilation in buildings, the decentralized INGENIUS VMC system guarantees great versatility in design, perfect adaptability to any architectural style and a minimalist aesthetic design thanks to almost invisible applications.

Monoblocco termoisolante con VMC integrata per un comfort indoor e un'estetica minimale

Purified air and indoor comfort

The Alpac Ingenius VMC monoblock is an "invisible" technology that can have a great impact on healthiness and indoor comfort: in fact, thanks to the F7 series filter on the inlet, this special monoblock purifies the outdoor air before introducing it into the rooms, blocking pollen, bacteria and PM10 and PM2.5 particulate matter, i.e. the most harmful substances for our organism.

But that's not all: thanks to the constant air exchange carried out independently by the machine, the pollutants that are produced daily inside the home are also expelled, from VOCs to carbon dioxide, from formaldehyde to carbon monoxide, and even excess humidity.

Monoblocco Alpac termoisolante con VMC integrata: riduzione dei consumi energetici e recupero di calore

Reduction of energy consumption and heat recovery

The heart of this innovative solution is the double cross-flow enthalpy heat exchanger, which allows a continuous recovery of thermal energy up to 90%, ensuring a high level of efficiency and avoiding sudden drops in temperature related to the opening of windows for manual ventilation of the rooms.

The decentralization of the system, moreover, allows an effective reduction of the consumptions, thanks to the possibility to manage all the functions of the machine in a punctual way, answering to the different needs of comfort of the various environments.

Versatilità di progettazione con il monoblocco Alpac termoisolante con VMC integrata

Versatility and Simplicity of Design

Characterized by great versatility, the Alpac Ingenius VMC monoblock decentralized system simplifies design work as it does not require the presence of ducts or dedicated rooms and has no design constraints.

Installed concealed in the masonry, in fact, is adaptable to any architectural context and leaves visible only the elegant customizable plate that, through a push-button panel or a touch screen display, allows to control all the functions of both ventilation and shutter. The same functions can also be managed via smartphone, thanks to the innovative dedicated app.

A solution for every need: the models of insulating monoblock with integrated VMC

The Alpac Ingenius VMC monoblock line has a complete range of solutions to effectively respond to every design requirement with the right product. Whether it's new construction, massive renovation or energy requalification.

Alpac packaged systems are an effective way of ensuring a perfect exchange of air in rooms and there are four models to meet various requirements:

  • Comfort Plus, which provides the highest efficiency (89%) in heat recovery with double cross-flow counterflow enthalpy heat exchanger.
  • Comfort Smart, with 82% efficiency and maximum customization of features (4-stage adjustable airflow, night function with minimum speed and LED light, summer free-cooling).
  • Comfort Compact, small footprint for great performance and user friendly interface. 
  • Concealed casing, the new monoblock with VMC integrated in the casing, with a patented system of air intake and extraction without contamination with the dirty air inside the casing.
  • Ghost, the new high-performance monoblock with a minimalist design that leaves only the small control display visible.
Versatilità di progettazione con il monoblocco Alpac termoisolante con VMC integrata
tax deductions on aluminum windows wood aluser

Detrazioni Fiscali 2024 Ventilazione Controllata

Controlled mechanical ventilation can also benefit from the 50% tax deduction if it is part of an energy requalification project. Find out more about the 50% tax deduction for fixtures.

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