A leading global company in the design and manufacture of windows, doors and facades. It is distinguished by the continuous evolution of its products and the considerable number of cutting-edge technological solutions offered each year.

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Jansen, is dedicated to the development and production of steel and stainless steel profile systems for windows, doors and facades.

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Secco windows and doors

Italian company leader in the production of profiles for steel frames and facades. Secco Sistemi supplies profiles in galvanized steel, stainless steel, corten steel, and brass.

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Oikos is a company that specializes in creating security entrance doors. Their solutions offer not only high security standards, but also the possibility of customization, allowing each door to fit the environment.

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Lualdi Interior Design Doors

Lualdi, a benchmark in the production of designer interior doors. The Lualdi company offers a complete range of doors and partition systems for interior architecture. A modular and versatile collection consisting of hinged doors, sliding doors, partitions and dividers, pivot doors, boiserie and Rasomuro doors.

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Pratic Pergolas

Pratic, a leading Italian company, specializes in the design and production of pergolas and bioclimatic greenhouses. Its expertise is focused on offering innovative and highly aesthetic solutions.

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Schuco PWS Italia

Schüco since 2011 has opened in Italy a division of the brand entirely dedicated to PVC windows and doors. The Schüco PWS Italia company makes PVC windows and doors.

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ADL focuses on creating attractively designed modern interior doors with minimal aluminum profiles.

Olivari handles

Olivari is a company with an established commitment to architectural handles in Italy, offering products exclusively made of brass.

Aluk Aluminum Doors and Windows

Aluk, a leading designer and extruder of Made in Italy thermal break aluminum profiles.

Veka Profiles for Windows and Doors

Veka is a leading manufacturer of PVC profiles for windows, doors, shutters and sliding doors. Founded in 1967, the company operates extrusion facilities in twelve countries.

Griesser Sunshades

Griesser has specialized in creating innovative, high-end sun protection solutions. The company currently offers superior window and patio solutions tailored to the needs of diverse markets.

Renson Outdoor

Renson is a leading brand in Europe in the field of natural ventilation and sunscreens for outdoor spaces.