Aluminium Wooden Frames

Aluminium-wood joinery is a mixed system in which the supporting structure is made of aluminium, while the inside is covered with a wooden cover. This solution combines the advantages of two exceptional materials: the resistance and ductility of aluminum meets the heat and comfort that only wood can provide.

The aluminium-wood systems proposed by Aluser are all with thermal break, which makes the window frame insulating from the thermal and acoustic point of view.

Design and performance of aluminium wood windows

When choosing new windows for your home we are attracted by the characteristics of different materials. With the mixed aluminium-wood system you no longer have to choose and you can combine the high performance of aluminium with the warmth of wood.

Resistance and Energy Performance

Aluminium is one of the best materials in terms of its durability over time and weather resistance, which is why it is perfect for the outer profile of windows and doors, which require no maintenance. In addition, the thermal break, i.e. the insertion of a layer of low transmittance material such as polyamide, makes aluminium also thermo- and sound-insulating. The wood, on the other hand, is a natural and noble material that needs no introduction. It has always been appreciated for its ability to make any room comfortable and welcoming, which is why it is perfect for the interior of window frames. The insulating properties of wood also accentuate the insulating power of thermal break, for real energy savings.

antique villa liberty style renovated with aluminum frames wood by aluser

Versatility and Sustainability

The appearance of the window frames will therefore be twofold: the exterior in aluminium, elegant and minimalist, and the interior in solid wood, warm and comfortable. This versatility of the aluminium-wood joinery makes it particularly suitable for renovation projects in old buildings, such as the splendid Art Nouveau buildings that are characteristic of Milan and many other Italian cities.

Compared to PVC windows or aluminum windows, aluminum-wood windows create warm and cozy atmospheres to relax and enjoy your home. Finally, wood-aluminum frames do not require the maintenance that characterizes, instead, the wood windows, while maintaining the appearance.

The presence of wood increases the sustainability of the window frame: it is a natural material, the processing of which requires less energy than PVC or aluminium.

Our systems for your Aluminium Wood Windows

Our Frames

In addition to a wide range of aluminium windows and doors, Aluser also produces and installs aluminium-wooden windows and doors. Our systems are the result of careful craftsmanship and the most advanced production technologies, and are offered to the market with an excellent quality/price ratio. The production 100% Made in Italy and CE marking are a guarantee of quality and allow you to obtain the 50% tax deductions.

Attention to the quality of raw materials and manufacturing processes allows us to achieve consistently excellent results. The grains and the particularities of the wood are highlighted naturally, so that the products are aesthetically impeccable and pleasant.

Schuco Smartwood

Schuco SmartWood is an alternative to the classic aluminium-wooden window, a entirely aluminium frame with a wood veneer on the inside - without the performance of wood, but with the same aesthetic effect. Discover the solutions of Schuco Windows.

Customize aluminum wood frames

Each window Aluser is a work of art, made with craftsmanship and dedication. All the details are carefully thought out so that the window can fit harmoniously into any living environment. Customers can choose from different types of wood of solid wood for the interior, to match the furnishings, floors or interior doors, for a cosy and refined atmosphere. 

For the outer profile, you can choose from a wide range of RAL colors to suit every taste and to integrate effectively into any architecture. The wide range of choices also meets the various condominium standards for color and appearance of exterior profiles.

Handles for Aluminium Wood Windows

The final touch is the choice of handle that, with different shapes and colors, gives personality to the frame.

olivari club handle designed by vico magistretti
olivari chelsea handle designed by jean nouvel
olivari handle usable for aluser aluminium wood windows
olivari conca handle designed by patricia urquiola

Special Ecobonus and Casabonus

tax deductions on aluminum windows wood aluser

Tax Credit for Energy efficient windows 2024

In addition, this is the best time to change the windows and doors because the ecobonus has been extended, which provides a tax deduction of 50% on the total expenses incurred to replace the windows and doors. Find out more about the 50% window tax deduction.

Aluser's experience at your service

Each Aluser window is unique, designed to customer's specifications, customised in every detail, from the finish to accessories such as security systems. The masterful positioning service at work will guarantee the performance of the new windows and doors, for real energy savings.

Aluser not only takes care ofproduction and installation, but is also available to customers for maintenance or other post-sale requirements.

Installing Windows Aluser Partner Schuco with Headquarters in Vittuone

Come Visit Us

In the showroom of Aluser in Vittuone, near Milan, you can see live our proposals, touch with your hands the quality and request a free quote. Our expert consultants will be at your disposal to guide you in the choice of the best windows and doors and to develop a project tailored to you: making your desires come true is our mission.

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