Security Armored Windows with Concealed Frame Shatterproof and Bulletproof For Building in the Countryside

Armored Windows

Armoured doors and windows for those who need maximum level of security available, as well as an excellent heat insulation and advanced protection against draughts and water infiltration.

Made in the variant with a double gasket profile or with a thermal break profile, these windows and doors differ in terms of production type, but they both allow to reach the highest values. Highest security standards against break-insup to the versions certified with bulletproof resistance.

Quality armoured windows and doors

They match the shatterproof glass and also shine for their elegance and refinement, allowing you to create bright environments with high visibility. They are ideal for commercial spaces used for display, such as shop windows, showrooms and dealerships, just to mention a few applications. The offer is enriched by a large number of accessories, to increase safety and ease of use.

With different colours and various opening systems, they can be combined with the other windows and doors present and be used in any room.

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