Window Frames: Which ones to choose?

Window frames, which ones to choose?

How to choose windows and doors: evaluation parameters

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is one of the first parameters to consider when it comes to choosing a window frame. Every year on average the 23% thanenergy is Missing from windowsand therefore have window frames with a bass valuation of transmittance involves a good saving energy.

Acoustic Insulation

Fundamental parameter especially for a environment urban where noise pollution is considerable at any time of day. A good window frame has the task of protect the interior of the house from noises thanexternalFor acoustic insulation, the first thing to evaluate is the choice of window and door frame material, as each one has a different noise transmissibility. After the material we must consider the choice of double glasses, the gasket and the fixing at wallsall parameters that contribute to good sound insulation. 


The need to ventilation is another key factor to take into account. Every room must be continuously ventilated, and windows are responsible for ensuring the air exchange necessary for the well-being of those living in the premises. The objectives of good ventilation are: guarantee a replacement by oxygen adequate for people to breathe, remove any pollutants (such as carbon monoxide emitted by the flames), dilute the odours generated by cooking and domestic activities and finally decrease la concentration by humidity to avoid condensation and mold.


The quality of a good window can also be seen by its stability and tightness. A window frame must protect home from every agent atmosphericand pollutants, ensuring a healthy environment. In addition to the seal, the mechanical strength which allows the windows to resist external stresses, such as wind force.


La durability is a factor that must be considered according to the material selected. Some materials are more durable and require very little maintenance, others, such as wood, require careful maintenance every 5 to 10 years.

Maximum capacity

For each frame, the following must be taken into account capacitywhich is assessed according to the characteristics of the material of the frame and the hardware of the selected system.


A quality window must meet the aesthetic requirements of a house. For this reason we produce frames of design that guarantee the style and beauty of interiors. Each material allows the production of more or less bulky profiles of different shapes. Each window frame can be customized in a wide range of colors e finishes to meet any aesthetic taste.


Every environment needs alighting customised. The glazing of the windows and doors must allow the inhabitants of the house to make the most of the light. The first thing to do is to define the surface from window necessary with respect to the square footage of the interior and its use.


The task of an efficient window is guarantee la security of the house. Currently the level of safety is measured by the UNI 1627:2011 standard which indicates, according to a classification 1 to 6the various security levels of a window frame (where 6 indicates the maximum security level and 1 the minimum). From class 1 are part of the frames that can be burglarized using small tools or the only Go physicsTo break into a class 6 lock, an experienced burglar using electronic means is required. For a private house already the class 3 is to be considered secure e reliable.