The Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI Anti-noise Windows System

Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI - the new Anti-noise Windows system with high Thermal Insulation

Thanks to the large number of functions that can be integrated in terms of comfort and climate control, the Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI double-hung anti-noise windows system is a complete package that is perfect for window renovations.

Designing sustainable building envelopes requires more than simply meeting current energy standards. Taking into account the issues posed by climate change and new legislation, it is now necessary for windows to conform to concepts such as Passive House or positive energy balance.

Schüco is successfully meeting these challenges with various aluminium window systems such as the new Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI double-hung window, which in addition to high thermal insulation values and acoustic protection through triple glazing also features innovative integrated sun protection.

Anti-noise windows for Passive Houses: Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI

The Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI (Composite Construction Super Insulation) window system is classified as a passive window system, created by the leading Schuco company, and has Passive House certification.

Anti-noise windows for Passive Houses: Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI

Made of thermal break aluminum and triple glazing, it combines a modern design with an exceptional resistance to cold and heat. The triple glazing, in addition to protecting against condensation thanks to the increased ventilation between the sheets, also provides excellent sound insulation and anti-burglary effectiveness of class R3.

This system has a very low transmittance value of Uf of 0.85 W/(m²K). But the plus of the Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI is the internal solar shading, which makes it ideal for protecting and insulating against excessive sunlight.

The Quality of a House starts with Highly Insulated Windows: Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI

Passive windows, so called because they are frames suitable for a Passive House, play a key role in this type of construction. Window frames are often the weakest link in the chain when it comes to thermal insulation. So windows and doors designed for Passive Houses must meet specific requirements and be fitted correctly in order to work well.

The windows and doors that are adopted for passive houses are often equipped with special certification that certifies their suitability for that type of housing solution. Among the requirements is the very low transmittance value. One example of this is the Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI noise protection window system, which, with a transmittance value of Uf of 0.85 W/(m²K), is suitable not only for cold climates but also for temperate ones.

Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI Anti-noise Windows with Integrated Solar Shading

The Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI double-hung window, together with the integrated Schüco CCB sunshade, forms a complete system for energy-efficient building solutions. The noise-reducing window system offers passive house-certified thermal insulation and, with the weather-independent sunshade, also a perfect solution for summer heat protection and privacy.

Thanks to the concealed installation of the blind, the Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI window also stands out from the outside. With the slat pack barely visible when the blind is raised and no light penetrating from the side when the blind is lowered, the double-hung window is ideal from both the inside and the outside.

Energy-efficient ventilation projects can also be implemented with an integrated Schüco ventilation system and Schüco TipTronic mechatronic equipment.

Discover with Aluser Design the Safe, Insulating and Anti-noise Windows

Discover the Schuco systems that best suit your needs: Aluser Design recommends the AWS 90 AC.SI system to its customers when it comes to ensuring adequate ventilation even in noisy environments. When the main priority is to ensure high security, the system we recommend is Schuco AWS 90 BR, a high-performance product that combines functionality and aesthetic qualities.

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