Invoice Discount: a real opportunity

discount on the invoice of schuco and spi aluminium frames thanks to aluser milano

Invoice discount for windows and doors: how it works

The discount on the invoice on fixtures is a tax measure introduced in 2019 with the Growth Decree, and represents an opportunity for immediate savings for all those who are interested in intervening on their home, for example with works to improve energy performance. The discount on the invoice, provides the opportunity to obtain the immediate discount on fixtures equal to 50% on the invoice, as an alternative to the tax deduction.

With the discount on the invoice, instead of taking the expense into tax deduction, recovering it in 10 years, a discount is applied directly on the invoice of the energy-saving windows. Therefore it is the company that carries out the intervention to advance the deductible amount to the customer. The company carrying out the work, in turn, can recover the expense in the form of tax credit.

As of today, it is possible to access the discount on the invoice also for interventions foreseen by the superbonus 110%In addition to the traditional interventions facilitated ecobonus, the bonus facades, the bonus renovation or earthquake bonus.Specifically, the discount in the bill frames can be applied to the replacement of old windows with new energy-saving models. You can thus have an immediate discount on new windows, to be used on existing buildings.

Credit assignment: an alternative to invoice discounting

La assignment of credit provides instead that the deduction due to the taxpayer, can be transferred in addition to suppliers, even to other entities such as banks and financial intermediaries. In this way, even the taxpayers unable to bring the expense in deduction, have the opportunity to receive benefits for interventions made on their property in the form of immediate liquidity to be used to carry out the intervention.

When must expenses be incurred to take advantage of the discount on the invoice?

In order to qualify for the discount on the invoice or the assignment of the credit, the expenses must be incurred by the 1 July 2020 until 31 December 2021.

Ecobonus 2020: the immediate discount on new windows and doors

Even the replacement of the windows, is part of the activities that give the right to access the discount on the invoice. So, those who have decided to replace the old windows with new energy-saving frames, waiving the refund irpef deferred over 10 years, will receive an immediate discount on the invoice of 50% on the price of new windows. 

In order to have access to the immediate discount on windows and doors it is necessary to turn to manufacturers who, like Aluser, have decided to offer it to their customers.

By requesting the transfer of ecobonus credit for windows, the discount on windows and doors will be applied directly to the invoice at the time of purchase. Attention, however, the possibility of accessing the transfer of credit is expected to only for gli replacement interventions of the fixtures, while it is excluded for interventions of new construction.

Tax deduction or invoice discount: a concrete example

But how does the invoice discount on fixtures work? 

Let's say you have decided to provide for the replacement of windows, shutters, blinds and boxes, obviously choosing energy saving solutions. 

A intervento which has a value total of 15,000.00 euro (including VAT).

Adhering to the irpef deduction, you pay the 15,000.00 euros according to the terms of sale established with the manufacturer. 

La deduction of 50%7,500.00 euro, will then be recovered in 10 yearsby taking the IRPEF deduction 750.00 euro atyear

With the option discount at invoice on the other hand you only pay the 50% of the total invoice, as the discount is immediate, with an increase due to the cost of discounting the tax credit. This second option allows us to benefit from the performance of the new windows and doors, by maintaining at just portfolio about 6,000.00 Euro (considerando un costo di attualizzazione pari al 20% del credito d’imposta maturato).

AttentionThe discounting of the benefit, which is normally spread over 10 years, has a cost. The discount rate varies according to the agreements made by the window and door manufacturer with its financial partners.

The benefits of the invoice discount

  • By opting for the invoice discount, you have an immediate financial benefit. By receiving an immediate rebate on 50% fixtures, the liquidity remains at the disposal of the purchaser. By spending less, you can employ the money in other ways. For example in a deposit account, a safe investment, which can pay up to 1% per year. If we were to invest the 6,000.00 Euro saved at a rate of1% At the end of 10 years, we'll have approximately 6,627.00 Euro.
  • The second major benefit is the saving at bill immediate that energy efficient windows and doors will bring. Good insulation greatly reduces the expense of heating and cooling indoor spaces. For a apartment a Milan about 100 sqmin which the old wooden windows and doors are replaced with single glazing (total thermal transmittance equal to 5 W/MqK) with aluminium windows and doors with triple glazing (total thermal transmittance of 1.4 W/MqK) an estimated saving yearly about 210 euro (2,100.00 euro over 10 years).
  • The third benefit will be in terms of energy saving. In fact, the replacement of old window frames with more efficient ones will lead to a reduction in consumption with a impact positive on theenvironment.

Superbonus 110%: the novelties of the Relaunch Decree

In the new Relaunch Decree, one of the most interesting novelties is the introduction of the Superbonus foreseen for some specific interventions. With the Superbonus the tax deduction goes from the traditional 50% of the ecobonus to a deduction of 110%. But be careful: the requirements to be able to have these deductions are quite stringent. In addition, even with the Superbonus 110% there is the possibility of requesting the discount on the invoice.

The measures introduced with the Superbonus 110%, affect both the interventions made on condominiums and independent houses, but in this case it must be the first house (although today there is talk of a possible extension to second homes). 

However, luxury residences with cadastral classification A1 (stately homes), residences in villas in cadastral class A8 and properties in class A9 (castles and palaces) will be excluded.

So, if you need to replace your old windows and you want to join the tax deductions provided by the Ecobonus or the discount on the invoice, contact us right away. Our consultants will evaluate your operation, help you to access the bonus fixtures and get an immediate discount on fixtures.

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